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ERP/MRP 2009


At its core the IV application is designed to deliver Integrity and Validation by enabling the claimant to define proposed SR & ED projects and then track their progress using an integrated system. Projects and their proposed Technological Advancements and goals are defined (some will qualify some will not) before work commences. Once defined, the integral steps of your work and the Technological Obstacles that had to be overcome to reach the stated goals are recorded in a predefined sequence that has been designed to support the final requirement of Systematic Investigation through experimentation or analysis.

By using this userfriendly administrative tool, companies can save countless hours and $’s for each filing period. Tech writers will have a predefined framework and the critical supporting documentation necessary to complete the project descriptions. As the project progresses, work records are recorded and references or links can be established to supporting contemporaneous documents. These documents can be scanned images, work notes, labor reports, lab records / results, digital images, PDF’s, spreadsheets, word processing documents, CAD/CAM files etc. All forms of documentation can be attached &/or referenced to validate and support the claim. In the end the Tech writers will be ecstatic while management will be confident if an audit is requested.